The leather we use is a smooth, refined nappa leather with a polished finishing. Although recognized for its longevity, it is still prone to occasional scratching if not handled with proper care.  We recommend occasionally treating this leather with a leather conditioner, which will help keep it hydrated.  To prevent the leather from developing marks, we recommend avoiding exposure to abrasive surfaces and always taking care to store the item properly when not in use. For lighter colors in this material we also recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as the leather could be subject to color transfer or stains.


Our Suede Leather is a soft, delicate leather with a velvet like finish. Darker and vibrantly colored suedes may stain lighter colored clothing and other materials if placed in close contact.  To prolong the life of your suede leather product we recommend pre-treating the leather with a suede protectant and avoiding exposure to water or other liquids.  We also recommend occasionally treating the leather with a suede brush, which can help smooth any marks or indentations on the surface.


The rabbit furs used are produced in Spain according to the European Union REACH regulation and are exclusively a bi-product of the food industry. To prolong the life of your fur product, we recommend avoiding moisture. Store fur items away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading. For deep cleaning, bring your item to a specialty leather cleaner.


Our Patent Leather is a coated leather with a shiny, lustrous finish.  The surface is largely water resistant, making care simple.  We do however recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. Patent can absorb foreign dye or ink if in contact with loose dyes.  If the leather develops any scuffs or marks, we recommend lightly cleaning the surface with a damp cloth.


Our Lock Heels are made from a metal core, with a laquered acetate heel attached. We recommend avoiding moisture and abrasive surfaces. Lighter scratches on the laquer can be removed with a damp cloth. Take care to keep away from direct sunlight and store your Lock Heels properly when not in use.


We recommend you to re-sole your leather soled shoes before using them to make sure they last you through parties, grocery runs and moon walks! :)